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Styling for the Holidays

October 12, 2023

Styling for the holidays doesn’t just have to mean setting up your seasonal decor of orange pumpkin pillows and evergreen wreaths and looking like every other home on the block — there are many design details that can go into styling and personalizing your home for the holidays. Amy, our Showroom Manager, styled a space in our showroom for the spring/summer as well as the fall/winter so that you can see how a designer transforms a space for the seasons — and we’re giving you all the details to create your own cozy and seasonal spaces that make you want to curl up under a fur blanket by the fire with a book in one hand and a warm mug of hot cocoa and marshmallows in another. We’ll even include a bonus tip at the end that you won’t want to miss!

Styled for spring & summer

1. elevate your seasonal decor

When we think seasonal decor, we often imagine layering pumpkins and hanging twinkle lights. Certainly don’t forget the traditions of fall and winter decor, but try switching it up by using them in creative ways such as filling your wooden bowl on the counter with speckled gourds and white pumpkins instead of apples. On this coffee table, Amy swapped a dark statement bowl with some earthy, textured bowls and saucer beads. Instead of real pinecones, she opted for decorative gold pinecones that will elevate your space and match your Christmas decor.

2. switch out your pillows

This may seem like an obvious one, but we’ve got a secret that will save you money in the long run and will keep your space cozy. We highly recommend investing in good quality feather down inserts and finding seasonal covers. Your pillows will last, they’re always comfortable and you’ll be able to easily wash the covers. So rather than the stiff pumpkin shaped pillows, try finding some earthy toned and fall/winter inspired pillow covers that will last for years and can be used for more than just Halloween and Thanksgiving.

And here’s a pro tip from the KP team: purchase your pillow covers one size smaller than your inserts; this gives your pillows the plush and soft look you see in all of our designs!

3. switch out florals & vases — it makes a difference

Materials of your vases make a huge impact on the feeling of a space. Glass is typically associated with spring and summer, ceramic can be used anytime, depending on how it’s styled, and textured/matte/earthy vases enhance the feeling of fall and winter. For the holidays, we recommend earth tones like lion’s tail, dried grasses and Japanese maple. Greenery, like juniper or spruce, may also be used if you prefer cooler tones during Christmas time.

4. invest in cozy and inviting throw blankets

Switching out your throw blankets can be a quick and inexpensive way to change the mood of your space. Think about the texture, colors and most importantly the warmth. Your blankets should always be functional, so make sure the level of warmth your blanket provides matches the season. We do this with socks – wearing breathable and thin socks in the hot summer while investing in warm and thick socks in the winter.

5. swap or introduce more art

This can be as simple and inexpensive as using the same glass frames and swapping out printed pictures per the season, or you can purchase different pieces of canvas wall art to swap as the seasons change. Keep in mind bright colors are associated with spring and summer while dark colors and earth tones are associated with fall and winter. In this space, Amy added a beautiful accent frame with leaves, which is a great elevated substitute for the traditional fall leaf garlands.

6. change curtains and rugs

We know this one can be an expensive investment, but it can make a huge impact, especially your rug. Swap out the rug and your space can instantly feel completely different.

7. our bonus tip: round out your decor with unscented & scented candles

Candles are great decor for any season, but particularly in the fall and winter months when lighting is key to feeling cozy. We highly recommend using mostly unscented candles, like these black ones Amy styled on a shelf, that can be used during any time of the year. As for scented candles, take your time and invest in some natural scents like Cedar or authentic baking spices. Cheaply made candles tend to give off a fake aroma and burn much quicker than high quality scented candles. For an added bonus, we’re a fan of candles with wood wicks that crackle like you’re sitting by a campfire. The scent and sounds of your space have just as much an impact in how people feel in the space as how it looks.

want kp to style for you?

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Rachel Stober

After earning her Bachelor's in Industrial and Innovative Design at Cedarville University, Rachel joined the KP Designs Group team to pursue her passion for interior design and solving problems. Her ever-evolving responsibilities include 3D rendering, graphic design, and now writing our KP Blog in collaboration with our entire design team!

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7 months ago

This blog gets me so excited about holiday decorating! I cannot wait to see the KP style box & how our clients style it around their home. Amazing blog post, Rachel!

1 month ago

I appreciate you sharing this valuable information. In my opinion, it’s fantastic.

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