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Journey Step 2 –


Before constructing the design plan, we will meet together to explore more about your preferences through a personalized showroom walkthrough and discuss a budget for your project. The design planning meeting is essential to ensure a smooth design process.

This meeting is the business phase of the client journey. All expectations and details will be laid out, so there are no surprises once the project has begun. You get an opportunity to learn about our policies and procedures and we are able to discuss expectations of how the project will go.

Once this meeting takes place, the designer will start designing and sourcing items for your design plan in order to create a design presentation. This is where dreams meet vision!



Project Planning Meeting

Sit down with our team to review details and learn about the process. As we learn about your design aesthetic, we can choose the designer that is the best fit for your project. Please note this meeting will not include design mockups.

Some things you can expect in the project planning meeting:

  1. Review the Budget: Sit down with our team and go through the prices so that you have a clear expectation of what your project will cost. We are transparent from the beginning, showing our value and what kind of price points we use with our furniture and accessories.
  2. Review the Project List: We will review the detailed list of projects discussed in the home visit, including price breakdowns. Now is your time to speak up on priorities and anything you want to add.
  3. Explore the Showroom: Learn about how the showroom can benefit you and help us understand your preferences. Our showroom displays a variety of designs so that you can clearly communicate what you want your project to be.
  4. Review the Questionnaire: We will walk through the initial questionnaire to confirm your preferences and how much you would like to be involved in the design process.
  5. Offer a Timeline: Clients may have one expectation on the timeline, and we present them with realistic waiting periods for deliveries and execution.
  6. Expectations of Next Steps: We talk about communication and how often the client would like to receive updates on the project. During each meeting, we lay out an objective and set a time for the next time we will meet.
  7. Explanation of Our Policies: We outline the details of our policies regarding invoicing, late fees, additional fees that may arise, custom pieces and return policies, and any add-ons to the project list. Clients may discover more projects once we have begun. When you have a clear view of the policies, you will know what to expect once the project is underway.

Once the meeting is over, we are ready to finalize the plans. This includes getting in the home, presenting the design concepts, and seeking final approval from the client before the ordering and installation begin.


Home Measurements

Once the meeting is over, we prioritize getting into the client’s home and taking home measurements. You can count on our team to be meticulous and detailed with this task, leaving no room for error. Then, we can create an accurate mockup and give the client an idea of how their home will transform in the coming months.


Back in the showroom, we can offer a 3D rendering of your home design. In addition, we will display fabrics, furniture, and color palettes that will be implemented in the plan. This is your opportunity to provide feedback and let us know what you like and dislike. Our full-service offerings are of great benefit to the client. When they walk into the showroom for the presentation, they can finally see it and imagine what their home will look like once we’ve done our magic. Our renderings get clients excited about the project. During this meeting, we will hear clients exclaim, “I can picture it” or “I see it now.”

Client Approval

The final step before execution is getting final approval from the client. Then, we can work with you to make one revision before the designs are final. We use our comprehensive showroom to pull other fabrics or inspirational pieces. The showroom makes it easy to collaborate and find a design that we agree upon, with pieces right in front of us to mix and match. Any additional modifications take time and resources, resulting in additional charges. Once we have final approval from the client, we are ready to get started on executing our design plan.

Showroom Tour

The next step in the client journey is the showroom tour. We walk you through our comprehensive showroom to find out your likes and dislikes. Perhaps there are designs you haven’t considered before. You can find inspiration in our showroom and may even start to shift your design aesthetic as you are introduced to new ideas.

Discover what type of design jumps out to you the most when you walk through our showroom with a designer. We can answer your questions and direct you to similar aesthetics if you want to learn more about a particular design.

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Meet the Designers

We believe it is vital to find the right client fit with designers. Therefore, we offer highly-qualified associates with different aesthetics and personalities so that we can find a designer that will work well with you. In addition, our designers have the ability to match styles and create a symbiotic relationship with the client since we prioritize staying in close contact throughout the whole process.

Because we listen to our clients and tell a story of your life through our design plan, you will have the opportunity to meet and speak with the designer. We will use our expertise to find the right designer for your project.

Meeting the designers is a benefit to choosing KP Designs Group. Our process includes specific input from the clients so that you feel involved and invested every step of the way. We are happy to welcome you into the process, even before the design work begins.

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