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We understand that your home is a reflection of who you are and your life’s journey. That’s why we collaborate with you to help create beautiful and livable spaces that reflect your lifestyle and welcome you home.

Who We Are

Led by our founder, Kim Pheiffer, KP Designs Group is a full-service, collaborative design firm that brings joy to clients with every project we create. Creating the perfect space is our passion, as we celebrate every unique quality of each family and space.

Working and collaborating with our clients is a personal, hands-on experience to meticulously understand your vision and aspirations.

We always do what’s right for our clients, building life-long relationships during each project. Trust is essential when hiring professionals to design your home. We encourage you to trust in the client journey, our experience and our process. We want you to love coming home and truly live in the beautiful space we have designed for you.


Inspires Us

Our associates are inspired by the client and how they want to use each space. Instead of designing for aesthetics alone, we design homes where real people can live freely. Impractical designs that will not last in a house with children or guests are not in the client’s best interest. We live by serving what is best for the client while reflecting our professionalism and expertise simultaneously.

We love to collaborate with clients! We feed off of your energy and what motivates you to seek out full-service interior design. Your personal story will inspire creativity that is truly unique to your project, resulting in a one-of-a-kind home design.

Meet Our Team

What We Want You To Know


The full-service interior design process is a total transformation. Design planning, especially when it comes to our meticulous attention to detail, takes time and you may not recognize your space when we are finished. So we ask for patience as we transform your home into the sanctuary that you need it to be.


A look into the behind-the-scenes process will reveal that it’s not only the designer doing the footwork to make your home beautiful. The whole team contributes to your full-service interior design project regarding placing orders, budget planning, inspections, and so much more.


Our designers source, not shop. This means we can offer you sources for products that make sense in your home design. But we do not just go through a shop and pick pretty pieces without a thought. Our intentional interior design is procured by a team of experienced designers. Every detail is thought out and inspired.

How We Work

From the very first step, you will see our priority is working closely with each client. First, we find out what type of design suits your lifestyle and preferences. Whether you choose a traditional, mid-century modern, or industrial design aesthetic, you will have our team behind you to support and expand your options.

Then we can sit down and design the plan of action. As designers, we do not merely shop for furniture and accessories. Instead, we use our years of experience in the industry to create a vision that will flow throughout your home and create a space that you will love for years to come.

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What Clients Say
About Us

Our team has unique and diverse design ideas because of our company culture and what we do to support each other. Clients praise our transparent communication and availability to answer questions. We will help you feel comfortable and exhilarated throughout the process. And the livable spaces we design will truly tell a story of your family and lifestyle.

Our clients say that the results were more than worth their investment in making their dreams a reality and their house a home.

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