Client Journey Step 1 - The Dreams Meet Vision

Journey Step 1 –


The first step of the client journey is when everyone is excited to get started on the home transformation. Just as all of our clients are unique, so are our designers. During the discovery call, we will work together to select which designer is the best fit for you and your full-service interior design project.

Once the designer is selected, an in-home design consultation will take place in order to determine the scope of the project as well as brainstorming design ideas with the client. After the consultation, a scope of work and a design estimate will be sent to the client for review. As soon as we receive your approval, the fun begins!

Learn more below about what an initial meeting might look like with KP Designs’ Client Journey.

Vision Planning Consultation

In the initial consultation, Kim will dive right into learning about what motivates you to take on an interior design project. Some questions you may be asked include:

  • What is a priority in making decisions: price, quality, or comfort?
  • What are your likes and dislikes when it comes to interior design?
  • How involved would you like to be in the project?
  • Are you confident in what you like and dislike?
  • How would you describe your style?
  • What kind of decision-maker are you? Do you revisit a decision and change often?

These questions are vital in getting to know you and seeing how we will work together. In addition, learning your personality and goals helps us in choosing the right designer for your project.

The initial meeting may consist of a series of phone calls where we discuss your vision in detail. An excellent interior design team should always invest one-on-one time with the client to understand the project’s goal from the start.

Meet the Designers

We believe it is vital to find the right client fit with designers. Therefore, we offer highly-qualified associates with different aesthetics and personalities so that we can find a designer that will work well with you. In addition, our designers have the ability to match styles and create a symbiotic relationship with the client since we prioritize staying in close contact throughout the whole process.

Because we listen to our clients and tell a story of your life through our design plan, you will have the opportunity to meet and speak with the designer. We will use our expertise to find the right designer for your project. But you will also have the chance to select whose style you prefer.

Meeting the designers is a benefit to choosing KP Designs Group. Our process includes specific input from the clients so that you feel involved and invested every step of the way. We are happy to welcome you into the process, even before the design work begins.

Meet Our Team

Showroom Tour

Part of your vision planning meeting includes a tour of our exclusive showroom. We walk you through our expansive studio to find out your likes and dislikes. Perhaps there are designs you haven’t considered before. You can find inspiration in our showroom and may even start to shift your design aesthetic as you are introduced to new ideas.

Discover what type of design jumps out to you the most when you walk through our showroom with a designer. We can answer your questions and direct you to similar aesthetics if you want to learn more about a particular design.

Take a Tour

What’s Your Style?

Whatever your design vision, KP Designs Group will help you achieve a home that feels comfortable and welcoming. Your whole family will want to be at home and invite guests over after our design team has finished.



This timeless design is always in style. Think antique accents, tufted chairs and couches, and curved furniture and tables. This design brings in traditions from the past without representing one specific time period. Escape into rich history when you choose a traditional interior design.

Mid-Century Modern/Modern Contemporary

Mid-Century Modern incorporates muted tones with pops of color. The use of graphic shapes adds dynamics to a room that may fall flat without them. This design also incorporates indoor/outdoor elements, with natural wood and curved tables and furniture as essential parts of the design.


Transitional design takes what you love from traditional interior design with fewer curves and more clean lines. In addition, a neutral color palette makes the look more updated, with natural light flowing in to emphasize how light and welcoming the home can be.

Organic Modern Farmhouse

You can’t go wrong with a farmhouse-style home. The cozy and warm design is wildly popular in home interior design. While keeping the rooms tidy with clean lines and matte accents, the modern farmhouse style will include mixed metals, dynamic textures, shiplap, natural woods, and exposed beams. Mix rustic furniture with distressed wood end tables to bring the design to fruition.


You can easily spot industrial home interior elements. Think of exposed pipes and various types of metals incorporated into the furniture and accessories. The wood is often unfinished and rustic, and the flooring is durable in unfinished hardwood flooring or painted concrete. The edges are straight, and nothing is curved or softened. The mix of black, white, metal, and wood lend a specific feeling to an industrial design aesthetic.