Visit Our Interior Design Showroom in Columbus, Ohio


No one has a showroom like KP Designs Group, as it is available exclusively for our clients and constantly evolving. Our Showroom Manager, Amy, thoughtfully arranges the furniture and accessories, illustrating how the designs would look inside the home. Instead of imagining your preferred brands in your room or looking at a mockup, you get a chance to see how the pieces look in person.    

Once you begin the planning process, you can revisit the showroom to get clarity on your design aesthetic at any time. Looking at examples of statement pieces in a realistic setting before making an investment can be highly beneficial.


Walk with our designer through the showroom and feel inspired. Catch a glimpse of combinations that you may not consider. Let our designers introduce you to mixed metals, dynamic textures, and other design elements that stand out. Our designer also learns about the client’s likes and dislikes throughout the initial tour, gaining a perspective on your overall intent.

Ever-Changing Displays

The showroom continuously changes as designers receive new pieces or use large items in their projects. Amy, our Showroom Manager, likes to keep the designs fresh, creating a new room at least once a week so clients never run out of ways to be inspired.

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