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Journey Step 4 –

The Finale

Finally, the last step in the client journey has arrived. Reveal Day! You will get to see your “completed” room for the first time, and now your family and friends get to enjoy the new area of your home for years to come.

See below what you can expect from The Finale!

The Big Reveal

We like to be with you during the reveal. We walk through your doors with you and watch you take in your new home. Many times, the space is unrecognizable.

Throughout the client journey, our designers take notes on a few accent pieces that are a surprise to you during the final reveal. You have three days to keep the items in your home and see if they are something you want to keep. The furniture, rugs, and window treatments are no surprise to you. But they are a delight to see all together in your space.


We ask that client approvals after the final reveal be sent in writing. This can come in the form of a text or an email stating how much you love the results. We can also send a document for you to sign as a mark of your approval.

Next Project

After all is said and done, we are ready to continue our journey and start in the next room. Which room would you like to redesign next? Do you want your whole home to make you as excited as the room we just remodeled? We can make plans for future projects as soon as you’re ready.

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Meet the Designers

We believe it is vital to find the right client fit with designers. Therefore, we offer highly-qualified associates with different aesthetics and personalities so that we can find a designer that will work well with you. In addition, our designers have the ability to match styles and create a symbiotic relationship with the client since we prioritize staying in close contact throughout the whole process.

Because we listen to our clients and tell a story of your life through our design plan, you will have the opportunity to meet and speak the designer in the office. We will use our expertise to find the right designer for your project. But you will also have the chance to select whose style you prefer.

Meeting the designers is a benefit to choosing KP Designs Group. Our process includes specific input from the clients so that you feel involved and invested every step of the way. We are happy to welcome you into the process, even before the design work begins.

Meet Our Team

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Showroom Tour

The next step in the client journey is the showroom tour. We walk you through our comprehensive showroom to find out your likes and dislikes. Perhaps there are designs you haven’t considered before. You can find inspiration in our showroom and may even start to shift your design aesthetic as you are introduced to new ideas.

Discover what type of design jumps out to you the most when you walk through our showroom with a designer. We can answer your questions and direct you to similar aesthetics if you want to learn more about a particular design.

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