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At KP Designs Group, we’re always imagining ideas to elevate our client experience. Check out below some of our latest services, products, and opportunities!

KP Gift Box

We’re so excited to introduce our KP Gift Box! Do you know someone who has been wanting to renovate the kitchen because it just doesn’t fit their style or the way they need it to perform? Or someone just bought a house and you need a housewarming gift? This box is perfect for someone who might be interested in starting a new design project and doesn’t know where to begin. Mother’s Day, birthday, holiday, housewarming, you name it! We’re so excited to walk this journey with you and help their vision become a reality!

What’s included?

  • A one hour consultation with a talented and innovative designer
  • One of our favorite, exclusive KP candles

Contact us for a purchasing request or to find out more!

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Design Refresh Package

If you have a space that feels tired and it just needs a quick refresh, we have a great design option for you! We love styling spaces to give a room in your home a new, fresh look. This package is perfect for getting a different look based on the changing seasons or a way to revive a tired room.

You’ll receive a consultation and a walk-through of our exclusive showroom! As we walk through together, we’ll take note of what you respond well to in order to better adapt your space to your comfort and liking. Choose a theme, color, material – the possibilities and potential are endless!

Our designer will source from our amazing inventory filled with products from our trusted, quality vendors so that you can expect a quick turnaround with your room – no ordering necessary! You’ll receive immediate results and be able to rest in the comfort of your revived space that is unique to you.

*Rooms included in this package are the Foyer, Kitchen, Great Room, Dining Room, Office, and the Basement/Lower Level.

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