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The Client Journey

Understanding The Client Journey

A house is not a home until it tells your story, inspiring happiness, comfort, and a sense of inclusion. When guests enter your home, they should be filled with joy and peace, knowing they have an open invitation into a piece of your world.

Home isn’t easy to define, but you know when you’re there. It’s the intangible feeling that you are firmly planted where you always should have been. Home brings a sense of security that you can’t duplicate anywhere else.

Step into your home and feel love and warmth as you foster relationships and experience some of life’s greatest achievements. When you design a home, you’re doing more than remodeling the four walls into a place to eat and sleep – you’re putting your heart into every step of the process. And the results are invaluable.



The first step of the client journey is when everyone is excited to get started on the home transformation. Just as all of our clients are unique, so are our designers. During the discovery call, we will work together to select which designer is the best fit for you and your full-service interior design project.

Once the designer is selected, an in-home design consultation will take place in order to determine the scope of the project as well as brainstorming design ideas with the client. After the consultation, a scope of work and a design estimate will be sent to the client for review. As soon as we receive your approval, the fun begins!

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Before constructing the design plan, we will meet together to explore more about your preferences through a personalized showroom walkthrough and discuss a budget for your project. The design planning meeting is essential to ensure a smooth design process.

This meeting is the business phase of the client journey. All expectations and details will be laid out, so there are no surprises once the project has begun. You get an opportunity to learn about our policies and procedures and we are able to discuss expectations of how the project will go.

Once this meeting takes place, the designer will start designing and sourcing items for your design plan in order to create a design presentation. This is where dreams meet vision!

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Once the client approves the design presentation, we are ready to take off and get started on ordering and planning all the details. The waiting can be the most nerve-racking step of the execution, wondering how the project will turn out and eagerly waiting to see what happens next.

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Finally, the last step in the client journey has arrived. Reveal Day! You will get to see your “completed” room for the first time, and now your family and friends get to enjoy the new area of your home for years to come. Here’s what you can expect from The Big Reveal. Photography by ‘Tiffany Ringwald Photography’

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Our Services

Our main specialty is Full Service Interior Design, where we work with you from the beginning of a project all the way to the reveal day, whether it be a new build, construction project, or a refresh. Our designers act as project managers so that our clients can relax and enjoy the decision process without all the logistics that come with sourcing, ordering, communicating with contractors, receiving, and inspecting.

We also have a few other services available for those who may not need the Full Service experience.

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Showroom Tour

During the first two phases of your project, we’ll show you around our client-excusive showroom to get a better idea of your style and what you respond to. There’s sure to be something for everyone’s style. Our showroom is always changing, so each time you come there may be more to see!

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