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Journey Step 3 –


Once the client approves the design presentation, we are ready to take off and get started on ordering and planning all the details. The waiting can be the most nerve-racking step of the execution, wondering how the project will turn out and eagerly waiting to see what happens next.

Here are some aspects of this part of the journey to keep in mind:

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Sourcing and Ordering

Our team works closely with the client to order all of the materials required to complete the project. This lengthy process includes completing invoices, tracking packages, and ordering replacement pieces if a wrong item is received. Our team is dedicated to finding top-quality products and ensuring they reach your home in flawless condition.

The timelines can vary for this part of the project. You will receive updates along the way from your designer, letting you know what to expect.

The Wait

As you wait, we are compiling the finishing touches to your product. One by one, each piece arrives at the warehouse, and we work behind the scenes to find the accessories that will complement your investment pieces in the best way.

This part of the process can feel lengthy and, at times, frustrating. We are still working on your home design as you wait! And our designer will keep in close communication with you. Once you see the design come to fruition, you will realize it was worth the wait.

The Project Installation

It’s time for the project installation. Typically, we ask that the client leave home for this part of the process so that you have the opportunity to see it all come together at the end. While you are out, our team works tirelessly to lay rugs, place furniture, and install lighting fixtures with the help of a handyman.

The finishing touches bring the space to life as we hang artwork and window treatments. Setting up a room can take 5-8 hours, and you will see glimpses of your aesthetic and story as you walk into a brand-new space.


The Patience Phase Reviewed

The Patience Phase of the client journey can be really exciting! You have time to imagine your space and give our designers the freedom to create something meaningful and refreshing for your home. Putting your faith in the designers can feel vulnerable, but when you see the final results, you will be so glad you took the leap.

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Meet the Designers

We believe it is vital to find the right client fit with designers. Therefore, we offer highly-qualified associates with different aesthetics and personalities so that we can find a designer that will work well with you. In addition, our designers have the ability to match styles and create a symbiotic relationship with the client since we prioritize staying in close contact throughout the whole process.

Because we listen to our clients and tell a story of your life through our design plan, you will have the opportunity to meet and speak the designer in the office. We will use our expertise to find the right designer for your project. But you will also have the chance to select whose style you prefer.

Meeting the designers is a benefit to choosing KP Designs Group. Our process includes specific input from the clients so that you feel involved and invested every step of the way. We are happy to welcome you into the process, even before the design work begins.

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