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7 Reasons to Hire a Designer

March 17, 2023

Welcome to our first KP Designs blog post! We’re so excited you’re here. It’s been a long-time dream that we’ve had to be able to share with you our knowledge and tips on interior design that can’t quite be accomplished in full on our social media platforms.

Whether you’re a design expert or you consider yourself a newbie (don’t worry, we’ve all been there 😉 ) we’re here to help make dreams a reality one step at a time. And it’s no secret that hiring a designer can be a big step of trust. You are not only inviting a guest into your family’s sanctuary to get to know you and how to best serve your needs, you are investing your hard-earned money into that service. So whether you’re hesitant about hiring a designer or you’re on the lookout for an experienced design team that has your best interest at the heart of what we do, we’ve compiled for you a list of seven reasons to hire a designer.

1. Save Time

We’re all familiar with the stress of balancing work, getting kids to practice, meal planning, organizing the family’s social calendar and so on. When faced with a home remodeling or design project, hiring a designer can relieve a lot of stress and save your valuable time.

Our goal is to make your project fun and enjoyable, not overwhelming and frustrating. Professional designers will keep the project moving in the right direction while staying on task and on budget as well as maintaining important deadlines. In addition, when buying through a designer items are inspected and warrantied.

All images are the property of Tiffany Ringwald
This image is the property of Tiffany Ringwald.

2. Gain Access To Resources And Trusted Vendors

Most high quality and durable furniture is not mass produced, manufactured, and sold in every store on the block. Many of the items that we have selected for our showroom are hand-built by people who are passionate about what they do. For over 20 years, we have sourced the highest quality vendors. Our clients are the most important part of our business, and we have searched for the best of the best to ensure your pieces are unique and built to last.

Beth designed this beautiful console built by a trusted vendor to fit her client’s needs as well as function as a showpiece to tie the room together. View the whole project here.

3. Combining Beauty And Function

First and foremost, we care about the function of your space – it should work for YOUA dysfunctional space can quickly add stress and we’re here to de-stress your home! Every piece we hand-pick or have custom made – whether it’s a custom table, cabinetry, or swivel chair – we customize to your style, creating a beautiful space you love to live in!

In this custom home, Celeste positioned the desk to have a gorgeous view out the arched door to their beautiful outdoor living area. She customized the desk to run the computer wires inside the leg and into the floor in order to unify function and beauty. We call this the ultimate in cord management! View the whole project here.

4. We Design Your Home to Reflect YOU

A common misconception about hiring a designer is that your house won’t feel liveable – it won’t feel like home or it won’t feel like YOU. Our designers seek to learn about how you live in your home and your style – what is most important to you. We fully believe that your home should be a reflection of who you are and your life’s journey. That’s why we guide and collaborate with you to help create beautiful and livable spaces that reflect your lifestyle and welcome you home.

These dining rooms were both designed by Michelle Sanders-Osborne for two families with different tastes in design – each room is unique to their home style and their design needs.

5. Fresh Eyes And Unexpected Ideas

Sometimes we’ve lived in our home so long, we’ve exhausted every possible furniture layout or design option and it still doesn’t feel right. This is when hiring a designer to create new ideas gets you inspired again. Our designers collaborate together so you don’t just get the perspective of one designer, but a group. We’re not about recycling ideas – we’re always learning and challenging our skills with every project. Our designers will learn what items mean the most to you and how to incorporate them within the design in a unique way. Your home deserves that personal touch.

In this beautiful music room, the client requested a moody theme and a display for their love of music and Kellyann delivered. She thought outside the box and designed an accent wall of their dreams with leather wrapped tile to display their guitars. View the whole project here.

6. The Proof Is In The Details

A professional designer will ensure no detail goes overlooked. With many years of experience, our design team pays close attention to details; whether it’s proper lighting and hiding computer cords in a home office to incorporating the family’s favorite colors and creating a deep sectional that everyone can gather on for movie night, it all reflects your personality down to every detail. The selections we make will truly be special to your home. Our clients are our top priority and we want you to not only be satisfied, but to be in love with your home.

Check out these illuminated and sentimental display shelves designed by Emily for a client who wanted to showcase his important family memories in his office.

Emily Office

This client was a huge Ohio State fan and wanted this room to be multipurpose. Beth tastefully displayed his Ohio State collection as well as designed a built-in Murphy Bed to allow the room to be used as a guest bedroom when needed, but function as a den when not.

Beth Ohio State Buckeye Flex Room
Beth Ohio State Buckeye Flex Room

Celeste designed this lower level for a professional baseball player who wanted the space to reflect both his lifestyle and his family. She ordered these custom framed maps of cities they’ve lived in to be a statement gallery wall as you enter the basement. She also color coordinated the space to fashionably showcase his memorabilia.

Celeste Baseball Lower Level
Celeste Baseball Lower Level

7. We Have 3D Design Capabilities

Some clients have a gift of visualizing exactly how a space will perform while others struggle to see how it will all come together. We offer a special 3D design service to bring your space to life before you commit. You can envision that painting on the wall above the custom cabinet. You can see how your favorite rug pulls together each of the hand selected furniture pieces you’re questioning and easily decide on which paint color swatch looks best to you within the context of your space. Designing your home doesn’t need to be daunting – not when you can see it come together in more than just 2D drawings and fabric samples.

These three options of the same space helped one of our clients decide on a furniture layout so our designer could efficiently look for pieces specific to what they liked and what would function well for them.

Ready to Start Your Next Project?

Taking that first step  or leap  in hiring a designer is a whole lot easier when you know what to expect from the designer you choose. Check out our About page to learn more about who we are and our unique and collaborative approach to design!

Ready to hire a designer? Schedule a complimentary consultation call with us today!

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After earning her Bachelor's in Industrial and Innovative Design at Cedarville University, Rachel joined the KP Designs Group team to pursue her passion for interior design and solving problems. Her ever-evolving responsibilities include 3D rendering, graphic design, and now writing our KP Blog in collaboration with our entire design team!

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