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2024 Design Trends We Love!

March 28, 2024

The year 2024 has brought forth an array of stunning and fresh interior design trends. We asked our designers and office team to share their top picks, and you might be surprised to hear what they say!

Kim, our beloved founder and CEO, shares, “My all time favorite ‘trend’ is designing with a coastal flair. My love for the water, whether it be an ocean, lake, pond or pool, the water is calming for me. In my career as a designer I have been able to design homes by all these bodies of water and I love bringing in a coastal flair with different shades of blues, whites and beige. I feel blue is timeless and you can take it dark and moody with a color like Hale Navy or bring in blue fabrics and accents against a neutral wall color. Coastal doesn’t need to be a “theme” but more of a feeling by adding texture and bringing the outside into the space I am designing. It has always been my favorite design trend!”

Kim's Coastal Pool House

Amy is looking forward to more color drenching. “I love the warm, cohesive look of this trend that takes a bold paint color and applies it to the wall, trim, doors and ceiling!”

Audria says, “One of my favorite design trends for 2024 interiors is the color brown. Yes, brown! Versatile color trending interior design as well as the fashion runways. Ranging tones from dark brown, chocolate brown, cinnamon and caramel. Considered as the new neutrals, warm, earthy, soft and cozy. Seen in varying materials, upholstery, wood tones, wall treatments, furniture, and trim molding. I love this color, brown has an earthy organic feel that connects with the outdoors. It’s sophisticated and pairs well with a variety of colors.”

Audria and Holly designed this mudroom with brown as the featured color. Isn’t it breathtaking?

Celeste loves that “countertop material is trending towards more pattern and color than the white quartz with gray veining that’s been so popular the last several years. We’re seeing more clients use natural stone, with quartzite being popular, or quartz options that have more movement. Quartz vendors are offering more widely varied options giving clients who love quartz so many options. Even clients that don’t want a lot of pattern are choosing quartz with tans as well as grays or a muted natural stone.”

Chesney, similar to Audria and Beth, is “looking forward to seeing more earthy tones in both furnishings and wall colors in 2024. I’m looking forward to clients being open to breaking away from the cold gray aesthetic that has been popular for so long.”

Beth expressed her favorite 2024 trend is “texture and WARMTH; I love this because there are so many ways to incorporate this when designing a home from the use of woven natural textures, warm wood tones, layered patterns in fabrics to the paint colors used.”

Ethan enjoys integrating elements of nature inside. “Using earthy tones in interior design is definitely one of my favorite trends. I like creating a sense of nature right into the home. I love how it adds warmth and a touch of the natural world to our living spaces!”

Dana says, “I love the ‘quiet luxury’ trend in fashion and interiors. Luxurious, textured fabrics paired with warm rich woods are classic investment pieces that you can build a gorgeous room around.”

Erica expresses her love for wallpaper! “It can be a bold pattern or subtle texture, in a small space like a powder room, on a ceiling, or in a large space like a bedroom. I like that it can add interest and dimension to a room without taking up space. It makes a beautiful backdrop for the rest of your design.

“The powder room from this project features a playful pattern wallpaper which is a fun surprise in an otherwise neutral home.”

Dena loves the timelessness of classic design, “I love neutrals with pops of greenery and wood accessories. I find having all white trim and doors has made the biggest difference in my home. My house is so much lighter and brighter by making this change. It took me a long time to do it and I wish I would have trusted myself years ago.”

Emily loves the timelessness of texture for both walls and ceilings. She adds, “I don’t really use a lot of the newest trends in my design because I want my design to be timeless and not trendy.” She designed this gorgeous Barndominium with shiplap walls and a wood feature ceiling.

Susan enjoys bringing green into any space. “I love being outside and it brings the feeling of nature inside your home. Whether using florals or other accent items, it does provide a peaceful feeling. I also feel like it adds a lot during the winter, where color helps bring more joy. 😊”

Holly says, “One of my favorite 2024 timeless trends is the countertop being utilized for the full height backsplash. I love how this gives the design a seamless look and my clients love this feature for cleanability. It emphasizes the beauty and movement throughout the stone countertop by bringing the design up vertically. When working with the fabricator, we work our best to match up veining characteristics to highlight all the details.”

Holly worked alongside Jeff Styles at Styles of Ohio to design and execute this kitchen countertop and backsplash.

Michelle Sanders-Osborne is looking forward to the use of bold and saturated colors. “Neutrals will always be important but I think people are ready to move to bolder and deeper colors in their homes. Get ready for deep jewel tones and bright energizing colors on walls, furniture pieces and accessories in 2024!”

Kaitlyn shares her appreciation as well for color amidst some of the more neutral trends, “I like when designs use color. It brings personality and excitement to the room.”

Kellyann states, “The most exciting trend I am looking forward to incorporating in all of my designs are natural, earthy colors. We all know that Green has been on the rise for some time, but I am personally in love with browns, rusts, terracotta, plum and ochre. I even love a pop of chartreuse! These colors are warm, inviting, and uber cozy. Colors that welcome you in and persuade you to ’stay a while.’ These colors naturally lend themselves to a wide array of styles – organic modern, Neo-traditional, bohemian, classic or rustic. The colors are versatile and can be beautifully combined with an array of neutrals.”

Kellyann used some of these color schemes in this country glam kitchen, particularly in the countertop and decor.

Michelle Wright says, “My favorite trend right now is using natural wood tones for kitchen cabinetry.  I love the warmth it brings to the space.  Pairing the wood with natural stone materials for the countertops and backsplash really brings everything together.”

Nancy expresses, “I have always loved using colors, traditional, softly-patterned area rugs, traditional artwork, and greenery. Even when working with a client who likes cleaner lines, mixing different styles creates inviting, attractive, and comfortable spaces.”

Nancy refreshed this client’s home with a beautiful combination of textures and colors, while keeping it clean and simple.

Shannan especially loves including “living plants to warm up a space in the house. It makes the area feel clean, serene and energetic.”

Rachel loves to introduce both visual and physical texture into any space. “I think it adds warmth and comfort to a room, making it feel more inviting. Without texture, a space can appear flat and uninviting, but textures allow me to engage with the room and feel welcome. Who wouldn’t be calmed by the gentle textures and hues of a plant on a coffee table or could resist touching a soft blanket draped over the sofa or feel the plush rug beneath their feet?”

Deneen loves the beautiful simplicity and timelessness of silver accents. She draws upon the words of Robin Standefer, “We think silver will lead [this] year — it is powerful, timeless, and versatile, and tows the line between traditional and modern.” She personally loves polished nickel as a silver accent. “Polished nickel has a warm undertone and provides a little bit of sparkle to any space. It is easy to mix with other finishes and is always timeless. I recently used it in my own bathroom for all of the finishes and love how it looks.”

Deneen’s bathroom features clean, white cabinetry and walls, making the silver accents of the hardware and fixtures pop and polish off the space.

Were you at all surprised by any of our favorite trends? Leave a comment below on what your favorite trend is!

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Rachel Wolfe

After earning her Bachelor's in Industrial and Innovative Design at Cedarville University, Rachel joined the KP Designs Group team to pursue her passion for interior design and solving problems. Her ever-evolving responsibilities include 3D rendering, graphic design, and now writing our KP Blog in collaboration with our entire design team!

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Trish Talbot
Trish Talbot
3 months ago

Love every single design! What talent you were gifted with. Keep up the awesome work!

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